Galileum Solingen

A trip to the stars in the Bergisches Land

It has the famous astronomer Galileo Galilee to thank for its name. Galileum Solingen was officially opened in July 2019, and in unique surroundings. Because the planetarium and adjoining observatory are presented in a disused spherical gas tank.

Look up to the stars – at any time of day. What did the sky look like when you were born? At the time of the first humans or of the dinosaurs? State-of-the-art projection technology will take you to anywhere on earth and to any point in time.

Magical moments for young and old: Galileum Solingen offers a varied planetarium programme. From traditional astroshows to a children’s programme to music shows, it’s all there.

And anyone who would like to secure their own light in the sky will also strike it lucky here. For a donation, you can acquire one of a total of 8,500 stars in the planetarium sky – even if only symbolically.


Galileum Solingen
Walter-Horn-Weg 1
42697 Solingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 212 / 23 24 25