The (un)known sides of the three Bergisch cities

Wuppertal has the suspension railway, Solingen had the trolleybus and Remscheid had the Bergisch lions. But the most famous symbol of the Bergisches Land is Müngsten Bridge. An imposing steel colossus that is enthroned above the valley of the Wupper.

The three Bergisch cities meet at Napoleonsbrücke (Napoleon Bridge) near Brückenpark Müngsten. An ideal location to begin your tour of the cities. Take the transporter bridge across the river and head off to Schloss Burg. Delve into the middle ages up there on the hill. The valley of the Wupper will tell you exciting stories in which industry and nature are intertwined.

Original sites along the wayside will whisk you away to the world of weavers, grinders and smiths. This is where industrialisation began. Stroll through the medieval alleyways of the clothmakers’ town of Lennep. The old town of Gräfrath is as idyllic as a postcard. This is what the Bergisches Land looked like before industrialisation.

Discover new life in old walls at Südpark Solingen. The historic main train station is a location that is now home to art and creativity: design – made in Solingen.

Wuppertal Zoo is home to about 3,500 creatures from every country in the world. Go on safari using an e-mobile. A special experience: an evening tour of the wildlife park after closing.